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Synonym: Boron hydride;DECABORANE;DECABORANE(14);B10H14;Boron hydride (B10H14);boronhydride(b10h14);Decaborane (B10H14);Decaborane(B10H14)

Product Name Decaborane
CAS NO. 17702-41-9
Molecular Formula B10H14
Molecular Weight 122.32
Appearance Yellowish to colorless crystal


Assay 98.0%min
Package As per customer requirement


Spaceflight fuels, Reductant


White crystals or colorless crystalline needles with an intense, bitter, chocolate-like odor. Used in rocket propellants, as a catalyst in olefin polymerization, as a rubber vulcanizer, to coat metals with corrosion resistant boron, in manufacture of plastics, as an oxygen scavenger; in mothproofing, in dye-stripping, as a reducing and fluxing agent, as a stabilizer and rayon delustrant.

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