Company History & Profile

Company Profile:

Zhengzhou Yuanli Biotechnology Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, has been committed to R&D and achievements transfromation of chemical drugs CDMO, new materials and fine chemicals. We are determined to become one of the most professional chemical drugs CDMO companies, and one of the best companies that transform new chemical technologies into applications.  

There are more than 150 people, and the R&D and technology transformation teams led by doctors and senior engineers account for more than 70%; there are more than 4,000 square meters of R&D centers and 120 acres of industrial transformation bases.

Under the leadership of the core founder Mr. Wu Xiaojun, after years of painstaking research, the company has formed two core series products of acridine series and carborane series, and established: Henan Province Acridine Compound Engineering Technology Research Center and Zhengzhou City Carborane Synthesis Engineering Technology Research Center, and many projects have broken through technical barriers, more than 20 products have pioneered industrial transformation, and have product or technical cooperation with more than 70 countries and more than 70 universities and research institutions at home and abroad.

At present, we have applied for 41 invention patents and 3 patents of them have been transferred.

Enterprise Culture:

Company Mission: Innovate technology, and make technology benefit life rapidly!

Company Vision: Be the best company of transformation from technology to application!

Core Values: Unite, exceed, share, win-win.

Business Ideas: Professional, dedicated, making every effort.

Company Purpose: Create a stage for employees, create value for customers, create benefits for society, achieve dreams for shareholders.