BIS Certification in India

3 years ago

BIS Certification in India

BIS is the abbreviation of The Bureau of Indian Standards that is the Indian Standardization and Certification Authority. It is a third-party certification body and the only product certification body in India. The products that pass its certification will be labeled with ISI, meaning that they’re in line with Indian standards so consumers can buy them with confidence. The bureau was formally established in 1987. Since the Indian Standards Association, the predecessor of BIS, began product certification in 1955 and it has been 50 years old. Therefore, BIS certification has been existed for a long time but the principle of certification is voluntary. Compulsory certification is only applied to specific products, so it is not often mentioned. The specific products include the following categories, and you can also prepare for the products you export.


1. Textile

2. Chemicals and pesticides

3. Rubber and plastic products

4. Cement and concrete products

5. Building materials

6. Pumping, irrigation, drainage and sewage treatment plants

7. Pipes and installations for water supply systems

8. Basic metals and processed metal products

9. Machines and equipment

10. Electronics and optical equipment

11. Auto parts

12. Agricultural products, food and tobacco

13. Black tea and drinks

14. Packaging drinking water and natural mineral water

15. Leather goods

16. Wood products

17. Pulp products

18. Test equipment


Indian Customs has strengthened the screening of imported goods BIS since the second half of 2018, which is why more customers have recently asked about BIS. It has been reported that some of the suppliers’ goods have been detained by the customs because they do not comply with the BIS. (For the related issues of the cargo rights of the detained goods, please refer to the previously related articles.) Due to the long time required for BIS certification, you guys who focus on developing the Indian market can understand the specific requirements for certification in advance. In addition, according to our customer feedback, although the government is now strictly checking BIS, some products can be imported through SKD. So if necessary, we can negotiate with customers to complete the transaction in the form of SKD.


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