Order of 800L 12.5% Emulsified garlic oil

12 years ago

Recently, we finished an order of an order of 800L Emulsified garlic oil for sterilization.

Order of 800L 12.5% Emulsified garlic oil

The client is from Singapore and his name is Jitling. He is interested in many kinds of feed additives, especially 12.5% emulsified garlic oil, 25% garlic powder, 98% garlic oil and so on. He already received the sample we sent to him.

He is a good man with many creative ideas. We cooperate with each other happily and exchange the ideas about products information and promoting methods. He says, although my company is not big now, it will be bigger and bigger with the time going on. I also believe in him. Where there is a will, there is a way. We are looking forward to the next cooperation with him.

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