Pay Attention Your Shipment to Pakistan

3 years ago

Pay Attention Your Shipment to Pakistan

Last Friday (July 12), most of Pakistan's trade associations and organizations unanimously called for a strike in protest of the federal government's tax plan in the new fiscal year, which could be the biggest test of the PTI government's tenure, reports said.


Most of Lahore's trade associations and groups have agreed to strike in protest against taxes imposed by the federal government in the 2019~2020 budget. As part of the preparations, All Pakistan Anjuman Tajiran (APAT), Qaumi Tajir Ittehad, Lahore Business Front, All Pakistan truck trailer owners' association, jewelers' association, automobile dealers' association and all other trade bodies in the city of Lahore held an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss Saturday's strike. 


“We will not negotiate with the government until you remove unfair taxes,” the delegates said. “The government is trying to divide us. But we will not be divided.” The decision to close APAT was not made by APAT but by more than three million Pakistani traders from Karachi to peshawar.


In Karachi, the strike call was initiated by Markazi Tanzeeme Tajiran Pakistan (MTTP) and Anjuman-e-tajiran throughout Pakistan. Seeking support from Karachi merchants, MTTP Kashif Chaudhry held a press conference at Karachi press Club on Thursday to call for merchants' support for the strike. 


Kashif claimed that we got support on behalf of more than 400 markets including sadr, tariq road, Clifton, defense, kua compound, bioarchaeology jinnah road market, gul plaza, timber and furniture market, steel market, auto parts, fabric market, aram, Korangi and Malir and garden area market Karachi. 


Here I want to remind you guys: in exceptional circumstances, it's not clear how much impact the strike will have. Foreign trade freight forwarding enterprises exporting to Pakistan recently  must pay attention to: please timely contact with customers, and follow up the latest trends of goods! Be prepared for the delay! Try to avoid additional losses! 


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