The 4000kgs Water-solubility Chitosan order

11 years ago

The Water-solubility chitosan is our main products in last ten years.we are the very professional Chitosan producer in China now.the Chitosan quality&capacity is very famous in the market.

The 4000kgs Water-solubility Chitosan order

at the beginning of the Dec,2011,we get the last order from Virginia NEW STAR FOODCHEM,.LLC of 4000kgs Water-solubility Chitosan of 2011,since we have 3 years cooperation with them.our products is the only chitosan producer who can meet their requirement in China.

we have a new chitosan production line at 2010.and the management of the Chitosan products is always keep top in this business.

the Chitosan is a very popular products in nowadays,and also it is called as the "The sixth elements of life".the chitosan details are as following:

  1. CAS #: 9012-76-4
  2. Deacetylation* Degree :>70%, 80%, 85% ,90%, 95%
  3. Viscosity (1%, 20°C): 30 ~ 3000 mPa.s
  4. Origin: Alaska snow crab
  5. Particle Size:40mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh
  6. Packing for medical and food grade: 20.0kg, 25.0kg/fiber drum (Φ38.0cm×48.0cm or Φ 42.0cm×60.0cm), or according to demand.
  7. We can provide special molecular weight Chi Chitosan (20,000-300,000) and Chitosan Oligosaccharide (1,000-8,000).

The different applications of chitosan demand different type of chitosan, We can supply it according to the needs.the chitosan applications are as following:

  1. Food Field
  2. Medicine, health care products field
  3. Environmental protection field
  4. Agricultural field
  5. tobacco Field

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