The journey is full of lush greenery--Recording Zhengzhou Yuanli Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

4 years ago

The journey is full of lush greenery--Recording Zhengzhou Yuanli Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

The annual “full-time travel” is the traditional welfare of Zhengzhou Yuanli Technology staff. It aims to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance team spirit, promote communication and communication among various departments, improve the company's cohesiveness and centripetal force, and create a company's integration. The working atmosphere of unity and forge ahead. From August 9th to 11th, under the careful arrangement of the founder Wu Xiaojun, under the careful arrangement of the director of the office, Liu Guang, the company organized all employees to go to Jiaozuo Yuntaishan and Xinxiang Wanxianshan for a three-day outing tour. The natural and cultural landscape of two famous scenic spots.

A thousand miles begins with a single step

On the morning of August 9, a group of 108 people with the safety of the general manager Wu Xiaojun emphasized, under the leadership of General Liu, drove to the hinterland of Yuntai Mountain: "Red Rock Gorge". The principle person takes the heart of exploration and appreciates the collection of waterfalls and streams.

The spring is in a valley, and it is a beautiful and beautiful scenery. Everyone rides on the road, the orange cap of the principle follows the mountain road, in the red water green Danxia landform, like a blossoming "step by step", open the mountain.

Vibrant. We are in the mountains and clear springs, forget the scorching sun, or talk with colleagues, or play with the fish, let go of the trivialities of work and life, and enjoy the natural beauty of the cool and pleasant.

In the afternoon, everyone visited the Quanpu Gorge, the Taiji interpretation at the entrance, the picturesque mountains on the heights, the splendid flowers in the mountains, and the clear streams at the foot, let us be in the landscape of natural and human landscapes, fully understand Chinese Confucianism,

In the philosophy of Tao, the dialectical concept of both internal and external cultivation, rigid and soft, and relaxation of mind and body until the twilight.

The road is blocked and the long line is bound to

On the morning of the 10th, under the guidance of the tour guide, everyone took a bus to the peak, and the car circled all the way, passing through 14 tunnels, or seeing the peaks and lakes at the foot of the window, giving each other a kind of "When Shimiao handwritten Danqing" ”

Sense. One of the tunnels is connected, there is no light in the hole, and some even have a sharp turn. The driver's master takes us through the thrills and the technology is amazing. From the peak parking lot, the road twists and turns, OK

To two-thirds, there is no separate passage for the downhill, and it must be persevered and tempered until the peak. During the climb, the relatively steep part of each other encouraged each other, stepped up and stepped on the 1600-step ladder path.

On the "peak", standing on the top of the cap, overlooking the mountains, the mountains are continuous, the peaks and clouds move, making people suddenly "pointing to the mountains" heroic spirit. From the misty fog on the way to the cloud when I climbed to the top, I suddenly felt a lot of emotions.

Show us: We must maintain an open vision, a broad vision, look forward to low return, examine the past, and spur ourselves; help ourselves to establish a correct outlook on life, values, learn to behave, open-minded and tolerant, and self-improvement in a timely manner. Peak

Next, everyone took a group photo and locked in this unforgettable moment.

It seems to be the most rugged and ordinary, but it is easy but hard

On the afternoon of the 10th, we transferred from Yuntaishan to Wanxian Mountain. After more than two hours of driving, we arrived at the destination Wanxian Mountain. The experience of Wanxian Mountain is deeply hidden in the cultural heritage of humanity and nature in Guoliang Village and Nanping Village.

There are small bridges flowing in the water, and there are a few people who have collected the scenery. There are wall-mounted roads at the entrance to the village. On the cliffs with thousands of miles, it is famous for its steep terrain and difficult opening. Before we "the ninth wonder of the world", we hanged

The beauty of the scrolls on the wall sighs the hardships of the excavation. It seems to be the most rugged and ordinary, but it is easy but hard. In the future, the road to work and life is the same. Pingchuan and the mountains coexist, and the slow flow and the shoal are in the same place.

Not afraid of difficulties, perseverance for the ideal, can achieve their own life and career prospects.


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