weight-losing Konjac dietary fiber

9 years ago

Konjac dietary fiber is mainly used for weight-losing.

weight-losing Konjac dietary fiber

Konjac dietary fiber is mainly used for weight-losing. It can be eaten in many forms: for example, you can drink it with milk directly, or you can add it food as food additives, you also can eat it in konjac tofu and so on.

2. Usage: glucomannan is used widely in many fields such as agriculture, food, daily chemicals, aerospace, glucommanan is also can be used in construction materials, petroleum and so on. In printing and dyeing, glucomannan is also widely used.

3. Glucomannan has the charactereistics of high viscosity, low heat and high fiber, it can be used to lose weight, balance salt and so on.

4. Glucomannan is considered as Queen of Food, it is rich is dietary fiber and has an imaginal effect on losing weight.

5. The procedure of making glucomannan is: Wash the Konjac, peel, wash again, slice and dry, smash, then purify and package.

6. The assay of Glucomannan is 85% min.

7.  Putting the powder into warm water and taking it after meals, three times a day, 20g-40g per time.

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