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Synonym: 10-Azaanthracene;2,3,5,6-dibenzopyridine;2,3-Benzoquinoline;9-Azaanthracene;Aceridine;Acridine;Dibenzo[b,e]pyridine;ACRIDINE, FOR FLUORESCENCE;ACRIDINE 97%

Product Name Acridine
CAS NO. 260-94-6
Molecular Formula C13H9N
Molecular Weight 179.22
Appearance Yellow to off-white crystal


Assay 98.0%min
Package As per customer requirement


Bioprobe, Dye, Anticancer


Organic light-emitting diode, photoresists, nanosensors, fuel cells, memory device, semiconductors, information storage device, liquid crystal displays, identification of product forgeries, inks, adhesives, textile, hair dyes, gene detection assay, staining cells, biosensors, detecting nucleic acids, proteins, antiHCV antibodies, antibacterial, antiamyloid agents, wound dressing materials, vaccines against infection, allergy and cancer

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